2nd plenary meeting of the Smart Readiness Indicator platform

20 December 2022 17605 Views

The Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) platform contributes to the promotion of the SRI and related best practices, acting as an exchange forum. Through its plenary meetings, it brings together all interested stakeholders and EU countries to discuss technical, regulatory and implementation aspects of the SRI.

This second plenary meeting was an opportunity to present the work achieved up to now by the SRI support team, and to provide an update on the ongoing test phases since 3 additional EU countries are now engaged in SRI testing (Croatia, Czech Republic, and Finland). The discussions of this second meeting also focused on the SRI in EU policy, particularly regarding the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast proposal.

More information: https://commission.europa.eu/events/2nd-plenary-meeting-smart-readiness-indicator-platform-2022-11-23_en

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