Batteries Europe – Speech from EERA

28 June 2022 53660 Views

🔋At the 2022 Batteries Europe General Assembly, EERA Operations Director Ivan Matejak, PhD gave an insightful intervention on the role of the National and Regional Coordinators Group (NRCG), focusing specifically on two important circumstances which are currently affecting it: the new structure of Batteries Europe and the revamping process of the #SETPlan.

Ivan Matejak, as partner of the #BatteriesEurope Secretariat, foresees the NRGC as the link between Batteries Europe and national and/or regional representatives, capable of playing a major role on the alignment of national R&I agendas. In his view, this will be possible only with a more structural approach between different stakeholders, which is precisely what the Secretariat’s work is committed to.

⏩⏩EERA is a proud to be a member of the largest Battery ecosystem in the years to come. Find out more about this initiative at this link:

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