Connecting people through Community-led Local Development in the Alps

17 April 2023 35634 Views

This new episode of Stories from the Regions takes us to the alpine border region between Austria and Italy. Funded by the Interreg programme Italy-Austria, so far 57 projects have been realised by the Local Action Groups within the Community-led Local Development (CLLD) in the “Dolomiti live” area. Through this bottom-up approach the local people actively design and implement the projects in their region.

They focus, among others, on diversification of the local economy, supporting projects in areas like tourism, logistics in the Alpine region, valorisation of local products, nature, environment, culture as well as the implementation of inclusive pilot projects in the social sector. Their projects aim to connect the people on both sides of the border and enhance their cooperation spirit.

For more information on the Interreg Italy-Austria programme, please visit our websites: Interreg Italy – Austria •

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