DS4SSCC – An Initiative Overview

25 April 2023 62944 Views

DS4SSCC Project Coordinator Sophie Mezsaros gives a detailed overview of this EU-funded initiative.

DS4SSCC is a preparatory action for the creation of a data space for smart communities as an enabler of the EU Green Deal and Sustainable Development Goals

Data Space for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities aims to;
– Develop a multi-stakeholder data governance scheme by bringing together European cities and their local stakeholders to collaborate on use cases relevant to Green Deal objectives. This will be done through operational local data platforms, via a “data governance core group”.
– Create a blueprint for the European Data Space for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities (DS4SSCC).
– Bring a set of priority datasets into conformity with the new blueprint by delivering a catalogue of domains, use cases, and related data sets for DS4SSCC.
– Develop a roadmap and action plan towards a mature, connected pan-EU DS4SSCC.
– Shaping and implementing the data space on the local, regional, national and EU levels, taking into account their different levels of maturity.

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