E-mobility: Electric car sharing systems

15 May 2023 68483 Views

On 25 April 2023, the Policy Learning Platform hosted the fifth episode of the e-mobility series, this episode focusing on electric car sharing systems.

The webinar has been designed and moderated by Katharina Krell and Simon Hunkin, Thematic Experts of Low-carbon economy.

Introduction by Katharina Krell on the topic

Keynote speech by Diederik Basta from the City of Amsterdam on the Amsterdam approach of supporting e-vehicle sharing schemes, eHUBS, Interreg NWE Project

Q&A: Free floating vs. clustering, what would you recommend to city administrations?

Q&A: How can policy owners influence where the mobility is located?

Presentation by Esther De Reys from Autodelen on Flanders Shared Mobility Green Deal (e-mopoli)

Q&A: What is the percentage of e-vehicles in your fleet?

Q&A: You offer the sharing platform also to private people, how do you tackle the question of insurance?

Presentation by Kasper van Hout from the Murcia City Council on Electric motosharing for public workers (EMOBICITY)

Q&A: People usually have private vehicles, are those vehicles assigned for work or can they also use it for private errands?

Q&A: Were the vehicles used across all departments?

Q&A: Are there reflections on reducing the number of alternative vehicles available and increasing the number of e-scooters in the future with the objective of reducing the overal number of vehicles?

Panel discussion
Q&A: Which complementary policy measures could be used by urban policy makers?

Q&A: How important is it for policy makers that the general public understands the importance of restrictive measures?

Q&A: The shared vehicles are more in circulation than non-shared vehicles. But e-mobility needs time for charging. How suitable are e-vehicles for sharing?

Q&A: Who were the people inside of your organisation who used these vehicles and did you communicate about it to promote the idea of sharing inside other city administration and publically?

Q&A: Sometimes it’s hard to find parking spots due to shared cars, how is the situation in other cities and do shared systems occupy a lot of space?

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