E-mobility: Electric fleets

19 April 2023 64583 Views

On 18 April 2023, the Policy Learning Platform hosted the fourth episode of the e-mobility series.

The webinar has been designed and moderated by Katharina Krell and Simon Hunkin, Thematic Experts of Low-carbon economy. The session was co-moderated by Heidi Heikkila from the eBussed project.

Introduction by Katharina Krell on the topic of electric fleets

Keynote speech by Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen, EVP Communications and Public Affairs from Ruter: Oslo public transport operator on Oslo’s e-bus conversion policy

Q&A: What were the main challenges in the end to reach 100% electric fleets?

Q&A: Could you tell us more about the implementation of charging solutions and the challenges being faced? And if you could elaborate on the charging solutions e.g. when to use pantograph/opportunity charging and when to use depot charging?

Presentation by Hélder Rodrigues on MOVE+ – Evaluation and certification scheme of fleets’ energy performance (EMOBICITY)

How have the fleet owners welcomed this scheme? Are there other interested partners interested to join?

Q&A: Have there been challenges from the fleet owners to this scheme?

Presentation by Raitis Madžulis on Planning Region Electric cars for municipal services (e-mopoli)

Q&A: What feedback have you received from the electrification and the driverless cars?

Presentation by Yannis Tselikis on GO-ELECTRIC (EMOBICITY)

Q&A: How are you planning to support the charging infrastructure and the infrastructure within the electric grid?

Panel discussion
Q&A: How important is it for the public sector to lead the example whne it comes to electrifying mobility? Do you expect the cost for electrification to go down over time and when would be the best time to electrify the fleet?

Q&A: How did you go from having higher costs in the beginning to now saving money? And if you have to do it again, what would you do different?

Q&A: The operational costs for EVs are lower compared to fossil engines, however, the upfront costs of purchasing are higher. What is the better option, to purchase the car or to procure the service? And is leasing an option for smaller municipalities?

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