EDAG CityBot : Smart City Expo World Congress

7 May 2022 21824 Views

At the Smart City Expo World Congress, we presented our vision and mission for the future city. As software und digitalisation experts, and can help with an intelligent networking of data, the use of standardised software and the development of a collaborative ecosystem to turn a city into a smart environment which is clean, sustainable, safe, energy-efficient, worth living in, and quiet.


The EDAG CityBot is a fully integrated solution to these mobility challenges, and represents a thoroughly thought-out ecosystem. This makes it the first and only mobility system to effectively counteract traffic gridlock.Thanks to its modularity and multi-functionality, the EDAG CityBot can be operated around the clock, and there are numerous utility modules that can be fitted to configure it to meet requirements: for use as a passenger cell for instance, or as a cargo carrier, or a device for city cleaning, waste disposal or park maintenance, while at the same time achieving maximum ecological and economic efficiency through continuous utilisation.

Learn more about EDAG Smart City: https://smartcity.edag.com
Learn more about the EDAG CityBot: https://edag-citybot.com

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