Episode on combining heritage with modern energy & climate strategies

17 March 2023 32619 Views

Welcome to the small city of Porec on the west coast of Croatia. Porec has a rich history and culture with an old town nerved by narrow streets from Roman times. In the very city center, Venetian-style houses are sitting next to Roman temples, various gothic, baroque, and renaissance palaces, fortification walls, and towers. The town’s main sight is a Basilica dating from the 6th century. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With 3850 hours of sun per year, Porec is also an extremely sunny place. All this is what makes it one of the most visited towns in Croatia.
So, how can you bring modern energy and climate standards into such a picturesque setting? Is rooftop PV compatible with heritage buildings and will citizens want that? Today, I chat with Gordana Lalic from the municipal company Parentium. She talks about their approach to developing an attractive city that combines historic richness with innovative energy projects.

This episode was produced with support from SCCALE 20-30-50. SCCALE is an EU project (Horizon 2020 programme) which makes collaboration happen to get many more energy communities up and running. The people behind SCCALE203050 work on a methodology and toolkit for citizens, cities and policy makers. If you, too, want to see more local energy communities across Europe, check out the toolkit and explore all of the project’s resources at the website sccale203050.eu.

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