Integrated mobility and Mobility as a Service

15 January 2023 31556 Views

Concept and moderation by Katharina Krell and Simon Hunkin, Thematic Experts of Low-carbon economy at the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform.

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00:06:01 Introduction by Simon Hunkin to the topic of integrated mobility and Mobility as a Service

Keynote speech by Jorge Bandeira on ensuring the sustainability of MaaS (PriMaaS project)

Q&A: You studied a lot of examples of MaaS from all over EU, which of the examples were ‘true MaaS’ and what are the must-have features for a full-fledged MaaS project?

Presentation by Vasilis Mizaras on developing MaaS: eMaaS platform of Central Macedonia

Who is willing to use the eMaaS exclusively? Do you know who these people are? Is it a certain age group?

You mentioned that travelers are expecting a collaboration between public transport and micro-mobility. What are your plans for including the Thessaloniki bus and metro networks?

Presentation by Mattias Svahn on integrated ticketing and information platforms: Stockholm public transport (PriMaaS project)

Q&A: Do you see any disadvantage for the city mobility policy because you don’t have any power over it? Or is it just an advantage?

Presentation by Jordi Jové Palou on Barcelona’s Regulation framework for sharing mobility services (SMART-MR project)

Q&A: How large is the metro area? Does it include all the municipalities?

Q&A: You mentioned that shared motorcycles represent a tiny fraction of all journeys in Barcelona, what are the positive effects of shared motos that justify that you as administration have so much extra work with them, e.g. for legislating their use?

Panel discussion
Q&A: If there was a checklist for cities interested in MaaS what would be the conditions, in which you would recommend mobility policymakers to introduce MaaS?

Does anyone have experience with how to get stakeholders to work together?

Concluding remarks and recommendations from the speakers

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