João Dinis on cities and states adapting to climate change.

18 January 2023 42610 Views

This podcast series will give you an overview of how cities can adapt to climate change across Europe.

For the first episode of the series, we speak to João Dinis, the Head of the Accelerating Urban Transitions Office at Portugal’s Cascais City Council, about how cities and states can work together for climate adaptation. In the last decade, João Dinis has worked to ensure a systemic, inclusive and innovative approach to redefine the role of municipalities in the global movement for a sustainable future. He believes in strengthening European based partnerships to enhance the reach of emerging technologies and methods to promote resilience. João is passionate about the simplicity of life changing ideas that support a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle while, simultaneously, respecting local cultures and resources.


To what extent does the national level need to play a role?
What is the national situation in Portugal?
To what extent is the national level able to take into account the variability across cities in Portugal?
How do cities and regions fit into this wider strategy?
How these national guidelines have been transposed in your own city?
Did you find that cities have broadly similar challenges, or whether there were any outliers?
Can you give me an example of an innovative idea that you heard that’s come from a small city?
What those challenges are that Portuguese cities are facing in terms of funding their climate adaptation?
What are Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans? And what are the challenges that arise in developing them?
Are there any other serious barriers that need to be taken into account?
Can you share a particular example of a challenge that your city has overcome?
How cities work with other stakeholders to create a more effective governance environment?
Could you speak about your experience working with cities around Europe?
How all this climate stuff relates in the end, back to the people that you serve?
It is possible to hit the targets that we’ve set out for ourselves and that we need to make if we’re going to get this situation?

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