“Let’s talk circular architecture” (ACE)

25 April 2023 46633 Views

On March 28, BUILD UP had the pleasure of hosting the first webinar of the “Circular Talks” webinar series, entitled “Let’s talk Circular Architecture”, organised by the DRIVE 0 project.

The “Circular Talks” series of webinars has the aim of presenting and promoting the Circular and Consumer Centred Business Model developed in the framework of DRIVE 0. The series consists of three webinars tailored for specific target groups involved in the renovation process of the building stock.

In the March 28 webinar, the first of the series, we explored how architects can play a crucial role in this scenario by incorporating circular principles into their design process, by acknowledging the Drive 0 circular business models (CBM), and also by implementing the CBM in their professional practice. The webinar also demonstrated how two of the seven DRIVE 0 demonstration buildings have been circularly renovated and how the EU policies can assist architects in the circular journey.

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