Micro-Climate Change and Envelopes… (Day 1)

16 May 2023 82175 Views

On Thursday 27th and Friday 28th of April, BUILD UP was pleased to host a two-day seminar from the URBAN therCOM project. The session, titled “Micro-Climate Change and Envelopes: Understanding, Modelling and Design in Light of a Changing Climate”, was curated by Senior Researcher and BUILD UP Ambassador Emanuela Giancola and Professor Emanuele Naboni.

The focal point of the seminar was on the relationship between local microclimatic changes and the design envelopes. On the first day, keynote speakers brought their work and upcoming challenges related to climate change modelling, coupling of microclimate and building forms. On the second day, presenters tackled matters of decarbonization and energy, health and comfort, ecology and nature-based solutions.

The seminar was split into seven separate sessions, over the two days. In this recording session, you can check the conferences held the first day, Thursday 27 April.

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