Mobility Talks 16: Demand Responsive Transport

7 November 2022 35866 Views

Demand Responsive Transport is a form of public (and in some cases also private) transport that provides flexible mobility options between classic mass transportation and individual transportation. It is particularly suited to cater for mobility needs in low-density areas (e.g. sparsely populated regions) and/or when demand is low (e.g. nighttime or off-peak hours).

In urban and denser peri-urban areas, DRT has the potential to extend the core network of public transport with first-last mile flexible services, replacing private car trips and therefore reducing (local) air and noise pollution, limiting congestion and inefficient use of space, and offering energy-efficient mobility solutions.

In this Mobility Talk episode, organised in collaboration with Nemi; our panellists will discuss the main topics and insights of our latest report on this topic, combining perspectives from cities, solution providers, and experts. They will debate various aspects such as costs and benefits, user uptake, as well as the best practices and recommendations on the planning, communication, and deployment of DRT services in line with citizens’ needs.   

Find the full report here:…

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