On the way to sustainability: Raw Materials & Circular Economy

21 April 2023 72593 Views

Circular Economy has become one of the main concepts in the EU industrial development as most of the EU industrial value chains depend on natural resources. Closing the loop in the different stages of industrial value chains is the core while developing resource efficiency. Focus on the circular industrial economy is crucial for the regions rich in raw materials. The pumping of resources back into use must begin in the early stages of the production value chain. The circular industrial economy is accompanied not only by the promotion of environmental issues but also by providing tremendous emerging business opportunities for the specialised industrial service sector. Industrial modernisation, digitalisation and Industry 4.0 give the tools for developing industrial circular economy solutions.

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, on behalf of the European Commission, organised the EU Clusters Talk “On the way to sustainability: Raw Materials & Circular Economy” on 5 April 2023, 8:30 – 9:45 CET, to learn about the new Critical Raw Materials Act, think about responsible extraction and valorisation of materials, and discuss existing circular approaches and good practices.

In addition to the EU Clusters Talk, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform in partnership with East & North Finland and MINE.THE.GAP invites to a Clusters meet Regions workshop and matchmaking on 25-27 April 2023 in Kittilä, Lapland, Finland on this topic. This EU Clusters Talk offers the possibility to initiate the discussions that will be continued in Finland.

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