The New Materials for a Zero-Carbon World

11 May 2022 5797 Views

Moving to a zero-carbon world requires a departure from business as usual. It presents the most fascinating challenge in recent economic times. We will see new sectors, business models, products and technologies emerge – all of which will require different types of raw materials such as copper, lithium, cobalt, hydrogen, and new nutrients.

While the demand for such raw materials will increase significantly, we need to find ways to source them in a sustainable way and apply circular economy principles and methodologies to ensure that these rare resources are used in the most efficient manner. The EBRD regions show significant potential for mining the resources required for a zero-carbon transition.

This event – featuring a panel of industry experts, scientists and representatives from the private sector – will highlight the opportunities for the EBRD regions. Panellists will discuss how to maximise the value of their countries’ resources by a combination of technology shifts, new demand development and the acceleration of private capital into early deployment of new materials and business models.

Moderator: Gianpiero Nacci, Director of Sustainable Business and Infrastructure, Climate Strategy and Delivery, EBRD
• Dr. Rachid Yazami, President, KVI Pte Ltd
• Michał Zygmunt, Vice-President of the Management Board, Elemental Holdings S.A.
• Araceli Fernandez – Head, Technology and Innovation Unit, International Energy Agency

French Simultaneous Interpretation is available for this event through the Interactio app.
View the linked instructions for details on how to access it:
Event access code: AM2022

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