Transforming Buildings and Districts into Power Plants

22 March 2022 65863 Views

Recognising the importance of driving sustainability transformations at the neighbourhood- and district-level, the European Commission and national governments are supporting the piloting and replication of approaches that seek to create districts that produce net-zero GHG emissions, with a surplus of energy being generated.

Against this backdrop, the European Covenant of Mayors – in collaboration with the EU-funded project EXCESS – organised a webinar in which exemplary district-level initiatives in three European cities are featured.

Representatives from the cities of Heraklion, Limerick and Oulu were joined by two experts working on Positive Energy Buildings and Districts (PEBs and PEDs), to present and reflect on key opportunities and challenges to transform existing buildings and urban districts.

Watch the recording of our webinar to get insights into:
– how district-level strategies are formulated, financed and translated into action
– the role of stakeholder engagement and collaboration
– technical challenges and solutions to realising PEDs
– local, regional and national policy frameworks to catalyse action.
The Covenant of Mayors – Europe Office is funded by the European Commission.
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