Transition Pathway for Construction: how to green and digitalise the ecosystem

11 May 2023 66166 Views

Construction is the second largest industrial ecosystem in the European Union in economic terms, employing around 25 million people. As a result, it offers enormous potential to contribute to the European Green Deal and the Digital Decade. However, this large ecosystem also faces numerous challenges. These include current crises such as the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as the climate emergency, rapid digital transformation, and the transition from a linear to a circular economy. The European Commission has published a “Transition Pathway for Construction”, which proposes actions that support the transition towards safer buildings and affordable housing for all Europeans.

In this context, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, on behalf of the European Commission, DG GROW, organised the EU Clusters Talk “Transition Pathway for Construction: How to green and digitalise the ecosystem” on 3 May 2023, 8:30 – 9:45 CET, to discuss the Transition Pathway, the critical challenges for the twin transition in the construction ecosystem, and the role of clusters to support the transition.

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