Urban Climate Adaptation in the Nordics

12 April 2023 36579 Views

On 22 March, EIT Urban Mobility hosted the workshop ‘Co-create Nordic recommendations for urban climate adaptation through citizen engagement’ in Copenhagen.

Here, city officials, consultants, and youth representatives were invited to co-create a set of recommendations on how to transform public space so that it enables climate adaptation, fossil-free mobility and engagement with younger citizens.

Special thanks to Anna Clark, of Trivector Traffic, for facilitating the workshop; Ellika Gyllenswärd Rosendahl, Gustav Friis and Anna Thormann Boesen for presenting insightful case studies from Nordic cities; and Julienne Chen, of EIT Urban Mobility, for sharing her insights on youth engagement initiatives.

The workshop is part of the Urban Climate Adaptation in the Nordics (UCAN) project of EIT Urban Mobility. This project has been funded by the Nordic Working Group for Climate and Air (NKL) under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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