Webinar 1 – ReVeAL 101: the project framework, other UVAR projects & access regulations in the EU

1 November 2022 16581 Views

This webinar is part of the Final Conference Webinar Series. It covers two sections of the conference with four presentations going over the ReVeAL framework and methodology, access regulations in the European Union and other UVAR projects (UVAR Box and UVAR Exchange).

0:10 – Introduction, Bonnie Fenton (Rupprecht Consult)
03:18 – Introducing ReVeAL: general context, Sidharta Gautama (UGent)
14:17 – ReVeAL, Diving Deeper: framework and methodology, Lucy Sadler (Sadler Consultants)
28:57 – Panel discussion Bonnie Fenton, Sidharta Gautama and Lucy Sadler
39:04 – UVARs and the European Union, Ivo Cre (POLIS Network)
50:12 – Other UVAR projects: UVAR Box & UVAR Exchange, Lucy Sadler (Sadler Consultants)

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