Webinar – Practical Tools for the Construction Sector in Digital Twin

14 January 2023 16377 Views

On 4th October and organised by COGITO project, BUILD UP hosted the webinar “Practical Tools for the Construction Sector in Digital Twin”, recommended for everybody interested in Digital Twin and current, practical solutions in that area. During this session, we were able to know about the learning and progress that this project has made and to know the opinions of the audience about this topic through different polls.

Moderated by Agnieszka Mikołajczyk, from ASM Research, the session addressed one of the COGITO project challenges: Towards minimising construction project time/cost overruns and alleviate workplace accidents, COGITO targets to a semantic and pragmatic alignment between novel data capture techniques and delivery of value-adding end-user services. To face it, the project introduces a real-time digital representation (twin) of a construction project, using methods to ensure interoperability among the different components and technologies constituting the digital twin ecosystem.


11:00H-11:05H Introduction – COGITO project innovations and goals

11:05H-11:10H What is your experience with DIGITAL TWIN (short poll)?

11:10H-11:20H Data Acquisition: Visual Data Pre-Processing for contributing visual data (2D and 3) to the project Digital Twin(CERTH)

11:20H-11:30H Quality Control: GeometricQC for automatically control geometric quality against defined specifications (UEDIN) & VisualQC for automatically detecting defects in pictures acquired on site (CERTH)

11:30H-11:40H Visualisation: DigitAR for on-site Augmented Reality -based Digital Twin information visualisation and decision making (CERTH) & Digital Command Centre (DCC) for offline Digital Twin information visualisation (HYP)

11:40H-11:50H Q&A session

11:50H-11:53H Will the tools answer your needs (short poll)?

11:53H-12:00H Wrap up & conclusions

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