When urban mobility is inclusive

12 April 2023 34677 Views

Envisioning a sustainable future theme: When urban mobility is inclusive (Recorded in Zoom, March 29, 2023)

This new episode of #UrbanLunchTalk discuss citizens’ different access to mobility, what it means for equality and inclusion, but also ways forward to improve urban accessibility and mobility for all groups in society. How inclusive was mobility 100 years ago or so, how is it now and how could it be in the future? What needs to happen to unleash the full potential of the 15-minute city concept in terms of inclusion?

Moderator: Caroline Wrangsten, Urban living labs (Sweco)


Dick Ettema, professor of Urban Accessibility and Social Inclusion in the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning in Utrecht University, director of the Urban Futures research program and board member of the Focus Area ‘Sport & Society’. Dick Ettema is the coordinator of the COCOMO project financed in the ENUAC call.

Alexis Conesa, Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg, Faculty of Geography and Land Planning, LIVE (Laboratoire Image Ville Environment) of Univesrity of Strasbourg – Unistra and scientific coordinator of the JUSTICE project financed in the ENUAC call.

Maximilian Jäger, expert for mobility innovations at AustriaTech, coordinates the 15-minute City Transition Pathway at the European partnership Driving Urban Transitions (DUT).

Natalie Whittle, a writer and editor based in Glasgow and author of the book The 15 Minute City – Global Change Through Local Living. Natalie also worked for 15 years at the Financial Times in London, where she held editing roles across the magazine and arts sections of FT Weekend.

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